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We Need a Farm Foreclosure Moratorium NOW! Save American Farms!

President Biden must issue a farm foreclosure moratorium! Sign the petition to save family farms from foreclosures! By Executive Order - Biden can stop any US farm from being foreclosed on like he did the mortgage moratorium. 

To donate, visit our GoFundMe at: Save American Farms 

After fighting for debt relief for over three decades, John W. Boyd, Jr. was elated when the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color was passed and signed into law by President Joe Biden last year in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. Section 1005 was created specifically to offer loan forgiveness to socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers (SDFRs), defined as those “belonging to groups that have been subject to racial or ethnic prejudice.” Shortly after this was passed, white farmers filed a lawsuit claiming 'reverse discrimination' and tied up the $4 billion dollars promised to farmers of color (SDFR's). This lawsuit immediately stopped debt relief from being distributed.