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Welcome to the Ecosystem Restoration Camp

A global regenerative farming community is teaching people how to reverse the effects of climate change.

It can seem difficult to remain upbeat about the state of the planet at a time when governments continue to deprioritise the climate crisis. 

However, non-profit organisation Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC) is providing actionable solutions by building a grassroots movement to educate people about restoring degraded land.

ERC is growing quickly. The non-profit organisation opened a camp on every continent in 2019, to build a global regenerative farming community, where knowledge, tools and experience can be exchanged to help repair ecological damage and preserve landscapes for future. ERC is changing attitudes and ensuring that food is produced sustainably. 


ERC’s goals are clear, measurable and attainable. The organisation expanded tenfold in 2019. Having initially launched with Camp Altiplano in Spain, in May 2017, the group now has affiliate camps in Mexico, Bolivia, the US, Thailand and South Africa. It is on the cusp of announcing more sites in Portugal, France, Egypt and Brazil. The team is now actively seeking out an Australian partner to work with.

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