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Welcoming New Holistic Private Skin Care In Connecticut

Raffaele Ruberto founded Mod.Skin Labs, LLC in 2006, in response to an overwhelming request for brilliantly executed skin treatments, which maintained high regard for both Earth & Human health.  Today his vision has materialized, bridging the gap between Organic Cosmeceuticals & Style-Conscious Designs.  

A proven track record of success in the NYC & Miami Cosmetic arena, Raffaele acquired a discerning eye for the strengths & weaknesses of the market itself.  His personal style advice quickly earned him a global client base, affording him both respect & experience with €œall walks of life.€  From uber-trendy city dwellers, demanding socialites, & celebrity clientele, his repertoire grew.  

The burden on his personal wellbeing was not without repercussions, however.  The often taxing & toxic exposures of such arduous work resulted in overall fragility & diminished well-being.

Driven not only by his own needs, but those of his clients & loved ones, today Raffaele credits the €œlifestyle makeover€ he endured, inspired by both formal & informal education in Holistic & Alternative health practices, for his ultimate recovery.  An extended repose in rural Italy afforded him the opportunity to restore his spiritual, mental & physical stamina, by means of humble yet wholesome practices in Organic cooking, Earthly reflections & Alternative Methods of Healing crafted from old-world traditions.  He now works in a plethora of ways, to create & sustain a €œGreener€ earth here in Connecticut, personally & in the communities he travels.  Now, Raffaele has brought the concept of Modest & Holistic living, to the realm of luxury brand cosmetics.  Join Raffaele in the Crusade not only for better mind, body & soul, but for the whole world that is our home.


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