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Well Being: The #1 Killer in the USA, Ages 18-45

Fentanyl is number one killer in the USA for most age cohorts. Unfortunately, the CDC doesn’t track deaths in a timely manner to confirm that easily… But here is their position: they will say that they don’t really “know”, because “overdose deaths are spread out across four different death categories: accidents, suicide, homicide and undetermined.”

The implication of this CDC spokesperson’s statement is that we live in some reality where the 1950s never ended. Where it is either too painful, shameful or irrelevant for our society to track drug overdoses in a meaningful way. For me, I think the answer is obvious. I think we can probably all know cultural shame when we “see” it. The definition of shame is well known.

OK - but here is where it gets weird. Searching and shifting though the CDC webpages - it turns out that the CDC writes that it does track overdose deaths through a system called SUDORS and another program called DOSE