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What happened at the FDA's 4/6/22 Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting on the selection of future boosters?

While the committee got nowhere on the choice of next boosters, there were a few very important reveals

The link below is to my live blog of the all day meeting.  Authorizing vaccine for the 6 months to 5 year old group was never mentioned.  Can it be that FDA is finally grappling with the awful data, the longterm risks of vaccination, and will turn away from unleashing these vaccines on our youngest kids?  Or is there simply too much money at stake, too many promised school mandates, too many done deals behind closed doors?

Below this link are my takeaway messages from the meeting.

Important takeaways

1.  Many members and presenters agreed that antibody levels (aka titers) are not a valid measure of immunity (they are not a correlate of protection, and there is currently NOTHING measurable in the blood that is considered a valid reflection of immunity). This admission is HUGE, as it reveals that neutralizing antibody titers can no longer be used to authorize or approve COVID vaccines.

2.  Therefore the only way to determine vaccine effectiveness is a clinical trial