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What's in the Vials? A Conversation with a Team in New Zealand About Mystery Objects They Found

This story is an interview with three very brave people in New Zealand—a doctor and two lawyers—who are trying to get the health officials in New Zealand to investigate and explain the nature of the weird-looking microscopic objects that they (and several other teams) have observed when looking at the contents of the vials under an electron microscope.

The brave people I interviewed are Dr. Matt Shelton, Sue Grey, and an anonymous human rights lawyer who is an active participant in the New Zealand freedom movement but who at the moment cannot publicly disclose her name due to her career situation.

The gist of the story.

A vial was obtained, and its contents were observed under an electron microscope. The findings turned out to be bizarre: the injection seemed to contain microscopic square and rectangular shapes, weird-looking structures that showed up with regularity, objects that seemed to possibly “organize” into more complex structures over the course of several days, etc.