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When Another England Seemed Possible

I am very honoured to have contributed an article to the second issue of the beautifully-produced and highly interesting Parisian “counter-history” journal brasero which is being launched on Friday November 18 2022 (the first issue was reviewed in English here).

Entitled ‘For the Law of Nature: the Diggers and their heretical uprising’, my piece looks at the group of radicals who reclaimed a piece of land in Surrey during the 17th century English Revolution.

This small revolt, which still carries great historical resonance, took place in the Spring of 1649 when, as I write, “the sap of revolutionary hope was rising with the greenery of the English countryside”.

After eight years of a bloody civil war between parliament and monarchy, which left more than 80,000 dead, King Charles I had been beheaded in front of the London crowds. A republic was declared and Oliver Cromwell became head of state.