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When the Biodefense ‘Experts’ at Johns Hopkins Warn You off the ACAM-2000 Vaccine for Monkeypox, You Know It Is a Really Bad Vaccine

When the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which lives off the fear of pandemics and biowarfare, publishes an Op-Ed calling a TIME-OUT for the use of ACAM-2000 for monkeypox, you know this is a very bad, terrible vaccine. They are scared it will be the coup de grace that ends the vaccine enterprise as we know it.  And they are scared it could end their cozy sinecure as biodefense experts as well, after the COVID and its vaccine disaster brought about by ‘experts’. 

All the facts are not correct in the article below, though I cannot imagine why these biowarfare experts would make such obvious mistakes.  Maybe because CDC has also been very cagey about how much of these vaccines we have, one author used to work at CDC, and CDC butters JHU's bread.