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Which Eco-Friendly Food Labels Are Meaningful, and Which Are Just Hot Air?

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Certified organic ... chemical free ... dolphin-safe ... the stamps and slogans on food labels make a lot of promises, but can they back it up? Audobon magazine breaks down which labels are meaningful and which are USDA-certified bull crap.

These labels can't be used without independent verification:

 USDA Organic 
Fair Trade 
Rainforest Alliance 
Food Alliance 
Demeter Biodynamic 
Bird Friendly 
Certified Humane Raised and Handled 
Non-GMO Project Verified 
Healthy Grown Potatoes

These should be taken with a grain of salt -- they may mean something, but they don't have to:

Raised Without Antibiotics 
Free Range 
Grass Fed 
Nutri Clean Residue Free Certification 
Marine Stewardship Council

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