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A Whisker from Victory! Oregon GMO Vote Goes to a Recount

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Oregon's 'Yes on 92' GMO labeling supporters are just 809 votes from winning, forcing a recount in which they are confident of prevailing - despite being hugely outspent by a corporate 'no' campaign that received nearly $5 million from Monsanto alone.

Measure 92, Oregon's food labeling initiative for GMO ingredients, will go to an automatic recount after the difference in vote between 'yes' and 'no' votes narrowed to just 809 with all votes counted.

The count has been been going on continuously since the 4th November election. Opponents were vocal in calling the vote in their favor just a day after the election, but as more votes came in from all 36 counties, the gap narrowed to 0.06% - well under the recount trigger level of 0.2%.

"Regardless of what the final outcome of this race is, this is a very encouraging sign for those of us who support labeling of genetically engineered foods", said Sandeep Kaushik, a spokesman for the 'Yes on Measure 92' campaign promoting the measure.

"We've known since election night that this race is too close to call. Instead of throwing in the towel when we trailed narrowly in the first vote counts, the 'Yes on Measure 92' campaign went to work. We activated our campaign staff and hundreds of volunteers over the last week to ensure that every possible valid vote is counted.

"Our efforts have led in recent days to thousands of Oregon voters correcting signature issues so that their valid ballots can be counted and their voices heard in this election."