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White House Allocates $475 Million to Medical Centers to Push Bivalent Boosters, When They Don’t Work and Do Maim

The US government continues to bribe medical institutions to force vaccines on hapless patients.  When will the courts finally judge this to be a crime, given what we already know about the shots?  What is wrong with Congress that it allows taxpayer money to be spent this way?  Congress approved $4.5 trillion to be spent on the 'pandemic response' by last December and what has it gotten us? Closer to a bankrupt nation, highest inflation in 40 years, closure of nearly a million small businesses, a fearful, cowed populace and a nation of millions maimed by the shots.

$5 billion was spent on the rotten new bivalent boosters, and for what? They don't work, and they do enormous harm.  Now $475 million is going to health centers, where the administrators will require the shots to be pushed on every patient who walks through the door, presumably as a condition of the grant.  And this is happening as one medical center after another is looking at going under, since patients no longer want their help.  Hospitals that made tons of money when the federal gravy was flowing are now in the red.  The Cleveland Clinic for example, lost over a billion dollars in the first half of 2022.  They will be looking for more federal largesse, and if it is conditioned upon vaccinating the hordes, so be it.

As Catherine Austin Fitts often says, we are the ones paying for the noose being slipped around our necks.

White House renews COVID-19 vaccination push: 3 updates

The White House aims to reinvigorate national COVID-19 vaccination efforts through a six-week campaign announced Nov. 22. 

The vaccination campaign will focus on seniors, communities hit hardest by COVID-19 and those living in rural areas. The White House has also allocated $350 million for community health centers and $125 million for community-based organizations to help increase the pace of vaccinations. 

The White House is also tapping the healthcare workforce to encourage vaccinations for older Americans. On Nov. 21, a group of the nation's leading medical societies — including the American Medical Association and American Academy of Family Physicians — encouraged members "to use every interaction with patients as an opportunity to make strong vaccine recommendations."  

Vaccination efforts have lagged nationwide since updated boosters were made available in September. Only 11.3 percent of people ages 5 and up have received the omicron-tweaked booster, according to CDC estimates