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Who Reopens Applications for COVID-19 Origins Team After Conflict of Interest Claims

The World Health Organization isn’t done picking members for its new COVID-19 origins panel after some scientists it initially picked drew scrutiny over claims of conflicts of interest, including six who were part of the original failed effort earlier this year and others with connections to EcoHealth Alliance’s Peter Daszak.

The WHO announced Monday it would still accept applications for its Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens, saying it was “re-opening the call for applications for three additional days to encourage additional applications from the fields of social science/anthropology/ethics/political science and biosafety/biosecurity.”

The WHO said it welcomes applicants with “significant expertise” in “technical disciplines,” such as field research, virology, and food safety, as well as “occupational health and safety” and “laboratory safety.”

The announcement reiterated that “members of WHO advisory groups must be free of any real, potential, or apparent conflicts of interest.”