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Why Global Elite Don’t Want to End World Hunger

What could be good about world hunger? Plenty, according to an article written by now-retired University of Hawaii professor of political science George Kent.

The story first ran in 2008 and went largely unnoticed for more than a decade, even though it was, bizarrely, published on the UN website.

It wasn’t until the article resurfaced on Twitter that it went viral — and was promptly taken down by the UN within 24 hours.

In response, the UN Chronicle tweeted:

“This article appeared in the UN Chronicle 14 years ago as an attempt at satire and was never meant to be taken literally. We have been made aware of its failures, even as satire, and have removed it from our site.”

Kent, however, who is now the deputy editor for World Nutrition magazine, told Newsbusters that this isn’t the case.