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Why Kids’ Immune Systems Can Handle COVID, and How Vaccines Could Compromise Their Natural Immune Response

Given the almost “zero” risk COVID poses to children, and based on the scientific evidence, epidemiologist and researcher Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D. says we “are playing a dangerous game and are weakening formerly healthy robust immune systems.”

The published evidence is conclusive: The risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 in healthy children is almost nil (statistical zero).

This evidence has accumulated well over a year now — in fact, we’ve known this for more than 19 months. The risks clearly outweigh the benefits of COVID vaccination for young children.

The evidence below relating to children (including on the risk of the injection itself) helps  explain why children are not candidates for the COVID vaccines and why they may well be immune — and thus can be considered “fully vaccinated.”

5 Reasons why children must be considered already vaccinated:

1. The virus uses the ACE 2 receptor to gain entry to the host cell, and the ACE 2 receptor has limited (less) expression and presence in the nasal epithelium in young children (potentially in upper respiratory airways).