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Why Who Fishes Matters

Current changes to fisheries policies are aiding and abetting the corporate takeover and industrialization of our source of seafood. The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) has launched a Who Fishes Matters campaign which includes asking fisheries regulators to put limits on consolidation of fishing permits, accumulation and amassing of fishing power by those with money and corporate takeover/buyout of the fishing industry.

Over the past few weeks NAMA has been talking with family fishermen. You can see their videos here.

And now you can upload your own short video. NAMA is asking local food and food system advocates who know why who brings our food to our table matters to add their voice to the mix. You can sit in front of your webcam, video phone or whatever tool you have, in the comfort of your own home/office/boat/farm or wherever and tell the decision makers why you think Who Fishes Matters. Then upload your video by going to this site.

Over the weekend at the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival NAMA asked folks 'why does who fishes matter'? Check out the following video to hear some great responses. We especially liked the lady who shared a message on why she doesn't support GE Salmon!

If you don't want to send a video, you can sign the petition by going to this link:

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