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Willie Nelson Backs Regenerative Agriculture on His 500-Acre Luck Ranch

Willie Nelson may have warned mammas to not let their babies grow up to be cowboys, but regenerative ranchers are certainly welcome at the country star’s Luck Ranch in East Texas.

“The Nelsons came to us and said they had been watching us for four years to make sure that we were doing what we said we are doing,” Orion Weldon, co-founder or regenerative agriculture farm business and educational outlet TerraPurezza, told AFN.

“Their vision is to follow our lead and let us use their entire acreage to prove that these methods can regenerate bare rock and juniper trees.”

TerraPurezza is partnering with Luck Ranch to implement regenerative land, water, and resource management techniques to transform the 500-acre spread.

Based in Spicewood, Texas, the startup describes itself as a model for industrial regenerative agriculture and a multi-campus business operating on 150 acres (not including Luck Ranch.) Launched in 2015, founders Tina and Orion Weldon met while studying at Rutgers University and quickly learned they shared a similar dream about getting into regenerative farming. The first generation farmers learned everything they know through YouTube and by attending one of grazing aficionado Greg Judy’s workshops. They started with 50 egg-laying hens and expanded from there.

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