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Wind-Blown Pesticides an Issue in Courtrooms, Communities Across U.S.

Pesticides are all over, from backyard gardens to cornfields. While their use doesn’t appear to be slowing, concern over drift and the resulting effects on health is driving research — and more worries.

Those concerns are bringing pesticides to a different venue: courtrooms. 

There are the several lawsuits over dicamba, a pesticide that for a couple of years has been drifting into unwanted territory, killing crops like soybeans and pitting neighbor against neighbor. Another case in California alleges the pesticide Roundup (or glyphosate) causes cancer.   

And a pesticide called chlorpyrifos is at the center of yet another major legal battle. The Environmental Protection Agency was set to ban it because some evidence shows it could hurt children’s mental development, but that stalled under former Administrator Scott Pruitt. The EPA’s arguments in the 9th District Court of Appeals, which include newly public claims that the EPA will act in as little as a year, seemingly frustrated one of the judges.

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