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Wise words from an ancient poet.

“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

Before there were #hashtags and Internet and social media—and long before the #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday, #GivingTuesday phenomena—there was wisdom.

Virgil, a poet who lived in ancient Roman times, wouldn’t recognize today’s world. And he surely wouldn’t recognize today’s food.

But his wise words are more relevant than ever.

With your #GivingTuesday donation we’ll work harder than ever to reclaim our common food and farming system from the chemical and junk food companies that are making us all “health-poor.” Click here to donate online, and/or see instructions for phoning in or mailing your donation. 

OCA was founded around defending your right to meaningful organic standards, to the truthful labeling and marketing of food products, to the end of taxpayer-subsidized, pesticide-drenched GMO “commodity” foods, to the end of factory farms.

Your right to real and healthy food is what motivates us to confront some of the world’s most powerful corporations. 

We’re not afraid to test famous name-brand products for pesticides or antibiotics or other contaminants. And we’re not afraid to broadcast far and wide what those tests reveal. 

We’re not afraid to ask high-profile retail grocery chains to drop contaminated and/or deceptively advertised products from their shelves.

We’re not afraid to call for boycotts. To organize protests.

This year saw the release of an alarming number of new studies linking bad food to bad health. 

Bad health takes a big bite out of personal finances. 

But bad health also robs us of so much more than just money.

Virgil was right. The greatest wealth is health.

As another holiday season rolls out, we wish you good food and good health. 

And on this #GivingTuesday we ask that you consider a donation to Organic Consumers. So we can keep #GivingHealthyFood. 

Please make a generous donation today. We promise to keep advocating for your right to healthy food. Click here for details on how to contribute to our #GivingTuesday campaign. 

On behalf of all of us at OCA, thank you!

P.S. Donate $200 or more today and we’ll send you a copy of “Fat for Fuel: The Ketogenic Cookbook” by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Pete Evans. Click here to donate online, by mail or by phone. To your health!