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A Wishbone, a Jawbone, a Backbone

Recently I was in a roomful of people brought to their feet by an inspiring call-to-action from activist and former Ohio Senator Nina Turner.

At one point, Turner imparted a piece of wisdom she learned from her grandmother.

To get along in life, she said, all you need is a wishbone (so you can dream), a jawbone (so you can speak truth to power), and a backbone (because the road to fulfilling your dreams is paved with setbacks).

Maybe you’ve been a part of OCA for years or even decades.

Maybe you’ve only recently joined the fight to get GMOS, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals out of your food (and the environment).

Either way, you’re in this fight because you dream of a safe and healthy food system and a clean environment.

Fortunately, you're not afraid to stand up to the powerful corporations that corrupt and pollute.

And you have what it takes to persevere, setbacks and all.

Thank you. Because without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today in the battle to bring down the kingpin of GMO agriculture and pesticides: Monsanto.

Consider these recent developments.

  • The mainstream media, including CNN and the New York Times, are taking seriously the 91 lawsuits pending against Monsanto, filed by people who say they or their loved ones developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma after being exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup. The lawsuits state that Monsanto knew about this risk, but covered up the evidence.
  • The EPA’s inspector general launched a formal investigation into the possibility that former EPA officials colluded with Monsanto to hide evidence that glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup, causes cancer.
  • The FDA has resumed testing foods for glyphosate residues.
  • California will now require cancer warnings on Roundup sold in retail stores.

Also, thanks to your support, OCA and Beyond Pesticides filed suit against Monsanto, on behalf of consumers, for falsely claiming that Roundup is safe because it only “targets an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets.” (A similar lawsuit was also recently filed in Wisconsin by six consumers).

You may not realize it, but your support, your signatures on petitions, your phone calls, your boycotts of GMO and factory farm foods, and your donations helped make all this happen—not overnight, but over the years.

Like you, I’m impatient. I want glyphosate off the market, now.

But I remind myself every day that we are up against some of the most powerful corporations on the planet.

It’s not enough to dream. It’s not enough to speak truth to power. We also need the backbone to stay in this for the long haul.

I know it's summer. You’re probably out enjoying the warm weather.

Here in the OCA offices, summer heat aside, our quarterly fundraising campaign is running more like the proverbial molasses in January.

But our June 30 deadline is coming up fast.

Please make a donation today, so your gift can be matched by both and Dr. Bronner’s (that’s a triple match)! Your donation will fund our ongoing work to expose the health and environmental hazards, including toxic chemicals. Donate online, by mail or by phone—details here.

In Solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins
International Director



P.S. More than 80 percent of our support comes from individual donors like yourself. Donations of $5 and $10 really add up! You can donate online, by phone or by mail, details here. Thank you!



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