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Would Joe and Donald Support Using Cuba Coronavirus Medicine?

The issue of Cuba came up again Sunday in the context of the Democratic Presidential debate. Joe Biden attacked Bernie Sanders because Sanders had said publicly in a 60 Minutes interview February 24 that although he was critical of what he called Cuba’s “authoritarian” government, they had done positive things as far as literacy and health care.

A Telemundo reporter asked Biden what he thought about President Obama, in 2016, saying that Cuba had made “’great progress in educating young people and that its healthcare system is a huge achievement that they should be congratulated for.’ How is that different from what Senator Sanders has said?” Biden’s response: “He was trying to change Cuban policies so the Cuban people would get out from under the thumb of the Castro and his brother. That is to change the policy so that we can impact on Cuba’s policy by getting them opened up.”

In other words, Biden said that Obama was lying, didn’t really mean what he was saying.

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