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Would Jesus Eat a GMO (Genetically Modified Food)?

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Every time I walk into a grocery store I find myself bombarded with the labels on the products. "Natural, organic, GMO free, gluten free, vegan free, natural ingredients, free range, cage free" and the list goes on and on. Each product is claiming to be healthy. I find it hard to know what choices to make to feed my family healthy food.

I wonder if you are like me and wonder what all these labels mean and which ones are just marketing gimmicks used to make the consumer feel guilty so they will buy their products.

Not only that but every few weeks a new health professional comes out and says that we should eat only meat, or no meat at all, or no dairy, no gluten, or eat some awful tasting super food that I can't even pronounce. Each week it is a new fad or diet claiming to be bringing the breakthrough for a long healthy life. Basically if you eat their product you will live forever.

How is one supposed to sort through all this and find out what are we supposed to do? In fact as a Christians should I even be caught up in all this hype? I think the answer is yes and no. I think that we should not allow this hype to control us, and keep us living in fear that if we eat a chicken nugget we are going to die but on the other hand we need to look at what commercial farming is doing to us and the land and look at what God had commanded us to do.

God knows your days

We as believers need not fear that everything we eat is going to kill us. God has our days numbered already and we can't change that. The truth is that we are all going to die one day and God knows that day so we need not fear.

Does God care about Farming?

Did you know that God was the first farmer? He walked in the garden He created; in fact He made two people to be his garden helpers. He told them to take dominion over the land, over the animals. He called them to be stewards of the garden.

To me a steward is someone who is holding something for someone else, knowing that what they are holding is not theirs but they need to take great care of it to pass it on. Would someone who is called to steward land pour harmful toxic chemicals into the land so that the future generations have to deal with it? Or would I take pride in the land, trying to pass down the land in better shape than I got it?   
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