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Yes, Your Kids Can Play Outside All Winter

Hardened athletes and explorers weigh in on how to keep your kids warm.

Every morning, between 9 and 10 a.m., my 3-year-old hits his “go outside” point. It’s the moment when his energy overflows into pull-the-dog’s-tail-and-get-a-timeout territory.

If my husband and I can get his shoes on and shove him out the door in time, he transforms into an angel, running sprints through the park and digging in the dirt without a trace of that little miscreant. He’s happy, we’re happy. Our dog breathes a sigh a relief.

In the age of Covid-19, getting outside has become even more essential as an antidote to lockdowns and as one of the safest ways to have play dates. And it’ll remain my number one activity as this fall turns into winter.

So if you’re staring down the barrel of the impending winter with dread, visions of cabin-fever-induced meltdowns dancing in your head, fear not. Yes, your kids can play outside in foul weather. And what’s more, they’ll love it.

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