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"You Can't Evict an Idea Whose Time Has Come:" Read the Post-Eviction Statement from OWS

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The following is a press release received by members of the media, including me, as OWS was being evicted. It is now 7 a.m. and a new GA is convening in Foley Square.

  New York, NY - A massive police force is presently evicting Liberty Square, home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months and birthplace of the 99% movement that has spread across the country and around the world

 The raid started just after 1:00am. Supporters and allies are mobilizing throughout the city, presently converging at Foley Square. Supporters are also planning public actions for the coming days, including occupation actions.

 Two months ago a few hundred New Yorkers set up an encampment at the doorstep of Wall Street. Since then, Occupy Wall Street has become a national and even international symbol - with similarly styled occupations popping up in cities and towns across America and around the world. A growing popular movement has significantly altered the national narrative about our economy, our democracy, and our future.

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