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Your Produce Is Less Healthy Than It Was 70 Years Ago. These Farmers Might Change That

There it sits – in all its green glory – in the produce section of your local grocery store.   

Broccoli. One  of  the  most nutritious vegetables on the planet.   

But 70 years ago, it contained twice the calcium on average and more than five times the amount of Vitamin A.

The same could be said for a lot of our fruits and vegetables.   

Why? How?  

The answers lie in the soil and how Americans farm it.  

Over the last two centuries, U.S. population growth and food production have stressed and degraded our dirt.   

Our soil is not as alive as it once was, and experts say that’s a problem.    

It’s a complex issue, and there are various factors at play, but studies through the years draw a direct line back to American farms.  

More and more farmers are recognizing they are part of the problem – one that extends beyond their farms, impacting the water quality in our lakes, rivers and oceans downstream. 

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