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Your Spiritual Right to GMO Labeling

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As you already figured out, I try to find out all I can about how callous, impersonal, selfish, greedy and uncaring about people Monsanto is. So, I'm cruising the internet and I come across an article that put Monsanto's complete disregard for people's spiritual/religious perspective about eating. The article, written by David Stein and appearing on Food Freedom News, made it so clear as to how Monsanto does not give a s**t about anything but money. I contacted them, asked, and received permission to reprint. The title is, Your Spiritual Right to GMO Labeling. The article URL is:

"Have you ever considered that without labeling, numbers of religious groups are having their religious rights violated?

Jews have kosher labels. So where are the labels for all people with the religious need to eat what comes only from God, or to eat in a way that is spiritually tolerable according to their beliefs?

Buddhists are not supposed to take in anything toxic whether by mouth or through what they read or hear, but are forced to consume toxic GMOs by not knowing what is what.

Orthodox Jews are not supposed to mix species when plowing fields (no horse and buffalo, together) or in clothing (no linen mixed with wool) or to eat milk with meat but they are being forced to eat food that mixes species and whose RNA can be affecting their DNA.

What of pantheism which runs through almost all religions, in which people believe deeply that we are all part of nature itself and their spiritual lives are based on seeking and finding that harmony?

How can they/we find spiritual peace inside ourselves if nature itself is being ripped to shreds by the biotech industry and they/we are forced through lies and trickery to consume abominations of nature and the defiling of God's gift to us all?

As the earth is being desecrated by corporations, pantheists are, increasingly, all of us.

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