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Mapping the Future

Though many consumers are used to buying fresh produce from local farmers’ markets, fewer are accustomed to buying pasture-raised and grass-fed meat outside grocery stores.

But horror stories about COVID-19 outbreaks in U.S. slaughterhouses is changing that.

Whether it’s fear of buying contaminated meat, (manufactured) fear of meat shortages or a major shift in consumer consciousness, COVID-19 has sent sales of locally produced food soaring. 

This shifting trend has been good for local farmers, good for local economies, good for the environment and good for consumer health.

It’s even been good for consumers’ palates. As one Maine farmer told a reporter:

“If you ask any of our customers who go from an industrially raised chicken to a pasture-raised chicken, every single one of them is blown away by the amazing taste.” 

If we keep this trend going, consumers can play a huge role in bringing down the industrial “Big Meat” factory farm industry. To help, especially those consumers unsure of where to find organic regenerative locally produced food, we’ve created this regenerative farm map

The map is easy to use. Just plug in your zipcode, and find a farm near you. 

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