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Anti-Food System

Last week, we premiered a 1-hour panel discussion on Facebook LIVE featuring renowned environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate, Vandana Shiva. 

The event, titled, “People’s Agenda for Food Democracy, also featured Ronnie Cummins, international director of Organic Consumers Association, Andre Leu, international director of Regeneration International and Hans Herren, president of the Millennium Institute and Biodivision. 

During the LIVE, Shiva called attention to the link between COVID-19 fatalities and chronic disease which stems from a toxic, nutrient-deficient food and farming system. 

Deaths from COVID-19 are largely related to a bad food system that is unworthy of being called food, she said.

“It's the anti-food system. Food is health. A system that gets you disease is an anti-food system.” 

Shiva also touched on the topic of Bill Gates and the push to deregulate biosafety laws to make way for gene-edited GMOs, also known as GMOs 2.0.

If you think billionaires like Bill Gates should be regulated so that the rest of us can be free—and that organic regenerative agriculture is the best way to regenerate our food and farming systems, please share this video with your friends. 

The “People’s Agenda for Food Democracy” has 17,000 views and climbing. Will you help us reach 20,000 views? 

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