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Corporatized Science Vs. Holistic Health

Today’s world is largely viewed and measured through science and technology, a distorted lens controlled and influenced by powerful corporations, institutional interests and technology regimes. 

This corporate science tells us how to live our lives, dictating every last detail including what we eat, what we think and what healthcare we seek. The mainstream media rarely acknowledges the meaningful benefits of preventative and natural health practices—or the importance of the freedom to choose such alternatives.

Eating a healthy, organic non-GMO and pesticide-free diet in conjunction with exercise, vitamin D, meditation or quiet time, and spending time with loved ones, is not only ignored but also demonized by the establishment media. 

Leading a holistic lifestyle has even been branded as “anti-science.” 

As Tom Valovic, author of Digital Mythologie and an article titled, “Science and Spirituality: A Fresh Look at a Complex Relationship,” writes

“Those who don’t blindly accept the authority of various pronouncements by the medical establishment about things like diet and nutrition (whether doing so on the basis of a spiritual stance, a holistic lifestyle, or for some other reasons) are sometimes accused of being ‘anti-science.’”

While it’s been said that holistic health—and the refusal to bow down to the demands of Big Pharma—is a “war on science,” the opposite may be true.

“Perhaps the deeper reality is that science – or more accurately the system of values and assumptions associated with corporate-funded applied science and technology – is in fact attacking spirituality, holistic health, environmental awareness, and any other regimes of thought that might purport to challenge its claim on ultimate authority.”

The conflict between corporate science and the decision to lead a life centered on an awareness about the wellbeing of earth, nature and natural processes may be one of the most important battles of all time—one we remain dedicated to fighting. 

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