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Live from DC: 21st Century Biowar?

As the peace movement struggles to find a consensus response to U.S. provocation and escalation of Russia's war in Ukraine, the Pierre Sprey Roundtable, a project of the Chaucerian Foundation, the Organic Consumers Association’s Stop Weaponizing Pathogens campaign and are hosting a breakfast briefing in Washington, D.C. to discuss Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine and around the world.
Featuring: Garland Nixon, radio talk show host & political analyst broadcasting live on WPFW since 2006; Sam Husseini, independent journalist covering U.S. pretexts for war since the 1990s; Alexis Baden-Mayer (moderator), lawyer, political director of the Organic Consumers Association since 2005; Fritzi Cohen (host), founder, Tabard Inn (now employee-owned) and Moby Dick Hotel; lawyer; past director, Military Audit Project; current director Pierre Sprey Roundtable, Chaucerian Foundation
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began during the Trump Administration, the progressive left has been fractured. The pharmaceutical companies, Pentagon-funded biolabs and billionaires like Bill Gates haven't received the same scrutiny traditionally given to corporate interests, military contractors and war profiteers. It is our hope that conversations like this one will help unite the peace and justice movement. The investigation into the origins of COVID-19, Pentagon-funded biolabs, and the growing presence of pharmaceutical companies among U.S. military contractors, are not partisan issues.
Join us in DC: Friday, June 24, 8:30 a.m. at the Tabard Inn, 1739 N St NW, Washington, DC, 20036