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Speak Out: Break the Spell

The last two years, The Pandemic Years, for many if not most of us, have been the most difficult, stressful, and frightening years of our lives. A critical mass of the population (estimated by renowned psychologist Mattias Desmet at 30%), even those who were once our allies in the struggle for health, justice, peace, organics, and environmental regeneration, seemed to have literally lost their minds. A critical mass of the body politic, including friends and family, completely swallowed the Establishment narrative on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19, and accepted a “new normal” that more closely resembles Communist China, or Orwell’s novel 1984, than a Constitutional Republic.

Another 60% of the public basically accepted the government/elite dictates, mandates, censorship, masking, social distancing, school closures, unemployment, destruction of small businesses, rushed to market “vaccines” and lockdowns.

Meanwhile, until recently, only 10% or so of us, including you, our readers and supporters, were able to see through the official lies, speak out, and resist the mass fear-mongering and psychosis that gripped most of the world. The New Normal, an engineered plague of mass fear-mongering and hypnosis, infected millions, transforming what had been an ongoing and deepening epidemic of social discontent and alienation into a hysterical fear of a highly transmissible lab-engineered virus that attacked those with serious preexisting medical conditions, convincing them to support a witch hunt against us, the dissidents (demonized as conspiracy theorists, disinformation spreaders, and anti-vaxxers). In turn this unprecedented global campaign of social/psychological engineering/brainwashing enabled unelected medical bureaucrats, Big Pharma, global oligarchs, a military/scientific biolab complex, and power-drunk and opportunist politicians to seize unprecedented power, deny our basic constitutional rights of freedom of speech, assembly, and participatory democracy and amass unprecedented wealth—all in the name of “public health” and a “Great Reset.”

As Belgian psychologist and statistician Mattias Desmet explains:

“In the beginning of the Corona crisis… in February, 2020… I immediately got the impression that the statistics and the mathematical models that were used dramatically overrated the dangerousness of the virus… I wrote an opinion paper trying to bring some of the mistakes to people's attention. But I noticed immediately that people just didn't want to know. It was as if they didn't see even the most blatant mistakes at the level of the statistics that were used, that people just were not capable to see it… I decided… that I should focus on the psychological mechanisms that were at play in society… from May 2020 onwards, I got the impression that what we were dealing with in society was a large scale process of mass formation…

Mass formation is… a kind of group dynamic that emerges in society under very specific conditions, [i.e. when there is massive and widespread unhappiness, alienation, social isolation, and a lack of solidarity and connection between people] and it has very strong effects at the psychological level… it makes people completely blind… It makes people incapable of taking a critical distance from what they believe in… mass formation makes people willing to radically sacrifice everything that is important to them, even their health, their wealth, the health of their children… once people are in the grip of a process of machination, they typically show tendency to commit cruelties towards the people that do not buy into the narrative, or do not go along with the narrative…”

So what can we do? As Desmet explains we must continue speaking out and resisting, just as we’ve been doing, utilizing all non-violent means:

“… we should never forget… that speaking out has an immediate effect. Maybe not that it wakes the masses up, but that it disturbs the process of mass formation and the hypnosis. And in that way, prevents the masses [from becoming] highly destructive, literally destructive, towards the people who do not go along with them. And in that case, something else happens. The masses start to exhaust themselves. They start to destroy themselves before they start to destroy the people who do not go along with them. So, that's the strategy to be used for internal resistance…”

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