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On Elon Musk Buying Twitter: Is Free Speech Finally Back?

The Organic Consumers Association and I personally have maintained Twitter accounts over the years, but we have been forced to censor our tweets or be “de-platformed” by the Twitter censors, ever since 2020, when we began reporting about the obvious lab origins of COVID-19, the dangers of genetically engineering “dual-use” (GE) viruses and pathogens (so-called “gain-of-function” research), the hazards of rushed-to-market GE vaccines, and most recently when we began writing and posting about the need to negotiate an end to the bloody U.S./NATO/Russia war in Ukraine.

We look forward to expanding our uncensored Twitter communications and audience over the next few months. Unfortunately, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and PayPal (which suspended our account several months ago, costing us thousands of dollars, forcing us to switch to Stripe) are still shadow banning and threatening us.  Meanwhile we are continuing to press our lawsuit against Senator Elizabeth Warren after she illegally pressured Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers to censor and depress the sales of my 2021 book, The Truth About COVID-19, co-authored by Dr. Joseph Mercola, with an Introduction by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Despite the censorship and slander, The Truth About COVID-19 became a best-seller, with over 350,000 copies sold through the present time. You can order the book here.

Russell Brand in this recent episode on the uncensored channel Rumble, talks about the implications of Elon Musk buying Twitter and the potential of “free speech” and open debate returning to social media.

Russell Brand and Tulsi Gabbert discuss the significance of the Musk takeover of Twitter, as well as the need for cutting Big Brother and Over-Centralized Government down to size.

In a recent example of Twitter censorship, immediately after Alexis Baden-Mayer of OCA interviewed Dr. Matthew McBride, an expert on vaccine safety for kids, on our uncensored Rokfin channel, McBride was de-platformed from Twitter (@healthpoltruth).