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Mexico Banning GMOs, U.S. GMO Corn Imports, and Glyphosate

OCA’s sister organization, Via Organica, and our Mexico team (over 50 staff members), have worked tirelessly for the last 15 years south of the border to ban GMOs and to promote organic and regenerative food and farming.

One of the coalitions that Via Organica works with, Sin Maiz No Hay Pais (“Without Corn There Is No Country”) has demonstrated the power of over 300 organizations successfully working together, utilizing public education, GMO boycotts, and litigation. Despite tremendous pressure from Monsanto/Bayer and the U.S. government, the Mexican federal government, led by the MORENA (Movement for the National Regeneration of Mexico) is remaining firm in its ban on the commercial cultivation of GMO corn and soybeans, implementing the phase-out of GMO corn imports for animal feed, a total ban on glyphosate use by January 2024, and making “agroecology” or organic farming the fundamental basis for Mexican agriculture.

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For more background: Mexico to Ban Glyphosate, GM Corn: Presidential Decree Comes Despite Intense Pressure From Industry, US Authorities

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