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We Are Being Super-Squeezed

Tessa Lena aka “Tessa Fights Robots” writes:

“Imagine what it feels like to be super-squeezed and about to blow up if just one thing is added to the processing workload of our senses and brain.

Imagine being super-squeezed so much that you simply cannot take another ounce of any information, sensory stimulation, or interaction that requires emotional ‘work.’

Imagine being on edge.

Imagine being in this state in a physical way. Your brain, your body electricity, your cellular processes—you are running at your limit or beyond, your entire being is super-squeezed so much that it feels like there is no additional processing capacity left. None. One tiniest disturbance—and you will, no really, you will blow up.

And now imagine a world in which a lot of people feel like this a lot of the time.

It is with great sadness that I say this but—welcome to our ever-speeding civilization and our ‘new normal’ world.”

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