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Beyond Tunnel Vision on COVID Treatment

OCA’s trusted ally, the Alliance for Natural Health writes: 

“The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in many ways, but in other ways it is just like any other illness. Yet in addressing this illness, public health authorities have inexplicably departed from standard medical norms. The critical error here, as described by Peter McCullough, MD, is that early, at-home treatment for sick patients with COVID-19 was not only completely ignored, but information describing what patients and doctors could do was actively suppressed. This represents a massive failure in the public health establishment that has cost thousands of lives… We’ve discussed supplement protocols for COVID treatment and prevention previously, including the use of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and melatonin. The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, in addition to these aforementioned supplements, also recommends the prophylactic use of ivermectin and mouthwash…” 

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