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Biden Administration Moves to Cover Their Tracks

Marco Caceres writes in The Vaccine Reaction:

“Perhaps influenced by the lifting of COVID-19-related restrictions by several European countries—starting with Denmark—during the past two weeks, the United States seems to be on the verge of following Europe’s lead in declaring the pandemic over. In a recent interview with the Financial Times, White House chief medical advisor and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Anthony Fauci, MD said the “full blown” pandemic is almost over and he expressed confidence that COVID restrictions could “soon” be lifted in the U.S…

“[A] poll by Yahoo!/YouGov found that 46 percent of those surveyed think that Americans should “learn to live with” the pandemic “and get back to normal.” In that same poll, only 43 percent [mainly Democrats] think ‘we need to do more to vaccinate, wear masks and test…

“There has been speculation that the Biden administration may be ready to move past the pandemic, sooner rather than later. The midterm national elections in the U.S. are scheduled for later this year and some Democrats who are up for re-election do not want the lack of progress in eradicating COVID to be an issue of contention. An article in the Daily Mail cited the example of Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, who was asked if it was important for Democrats to be ‘seen as moving on from the pandemic ahead of the midterms.’  

“Rep. Maloney responded:

‘You better believe it. People are sick to death of this pandemic. We will be in a position to communicate a clear off-ramp and to make sure people understand that they will be in a position to care for themselves and their families, that we trust parents to know best for their child and their schools.’”

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