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Canada Now a “Liberal” Police State

Matthew Ehret reports in the Off-Guardian:

“Who would have thought that Canada would ever be a spark plug for a freedom movement against tyranny?... Mainstream media and political hacks have been working overtime to paint the Freedom convoy that converged on Ottawa on January 29 as an ‘insurrectionist movement’ full of ‘white supremacists,’ ‘Russian stooges,’ and ‘Nazis’ out to ‘overthrow the government.’

“Faced with an organic civil rights movement of blue-collar truckers, farmers and tens of thousands of supporters who have convened on Canada’s capital to demand a restoration of their basic freedoms, the current Liberal government has failed to show even an ounce of humanity or capacity to negotiate.

“So instead of negotiation and discussion around principled constitutional issues as the protestors have requested, we have instead seen only threats, slander and more threats ranging from cutting off $10 million of funding raised on GoFundMe on February 4, and then another $8 million raised on GiveSendGo on February 10.

“We have seen the government impose a state of emergency first in the city of Ottawa followed by a full province wide state of emergency on February 11 justifying cutting off vital supplies of fuel to those truckers and their families who have been camped out in -22 degree Celsius temperatures.”

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