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The Heart of a Child

Tessa Lena (“Tessa Fights Robots’) writes:

“This story is about a pure heart of a child. It is also about hope under pressure. The moment is both tense and exciting. But even the most shameless tyrants of this planet don’t own our souls—which they know—and so they try to put a spell of fear on us and separate us from our senses.

“Right now, I think we are in a genuinely meaningful moment in history—and things could go in either direction, depending on what we choose. I believe that this is a spiritual challenge and an opportunity for clarity. I also believe that as long as we don’t let them scare us, there is great hope…

“Kids are not enjoying this—and even if today, they do what they are told and accept the existing conditions as the only conditions they know, it’s going to haunt them. And perhaps it’s time for us, the adults, to come alive at long last—and shake off the shackles of fear that have been holding us back. Children need to see that happiness and freedom are possible.”

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