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Regenerating Food, Farming, and Health

Karen Howard reports from the 2022 Organic and Natural Health Association conference in Ft. Meyers, Florida:

“Breathing our Solutions… The world needs all of us to act from a place of intention. The fact that regenerative practices are becoming mainstream is a victory. However, our objective to ensure diet and supplementation as a cornerstone of the health care system remains an uphill battle. Dr. Pierre Kory, president of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, opened our conference with the story of his struggle to ensure all Americans have access to the entirety of health care options available for COVID-19. Doctors across the country are quietly treating patients successfully with simple, inexpensive medications. These are doctors who fully appreciate the importance of nutritional supplementation, including vitamin D. Their work is being labeled as myth and deception. I am reminded about the FDA’s response to our vitamin D petition relating to pre-term births, and their assertion that “there is no room for logic in science.”  At O&N Health we have little patience for treating health care as a silo, claiming medication is always more important than nutrition, and prioritizing disease treatment at the expense of wellness initiatives. At O&N Health, we are breathing the solution every day.”

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