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Slow Boil

At the present time most of the body politic are still behaving like sheep, slow-boiled, gradually but cumulatively, in the bio-medical authoritarian state. But more and more are waking up and starting to resist. Todd Hayen writes in the Off-Guardian:

“They [i.e. most of the sheep] are tired of COVID — tired of being afraid of it, tired of lockdowns, of restrictions, of inconvenience. They are not awake to the bigger picture… In order to be fully awake, a sheep or a shrew [a COVID dissident] has to believe in some rather radical things.

1. The Government of whatever country you live in is corrupt, and they really don’t care all that much about you, if anything at all.

2. Big Pharma is corrupt, and although, if profitable, may come up with some stuff that actually helps people, for the most part they will kill you if they can make some dough doing it and keep most everyone asleep so they can keep doing it (turning up the heat).

3. Most doctors are like privates in a huge powerful army. They follow orders from their generals and ‘commanders in chief’ and they typically do not question them. They get all of their information from specific sources that could, for the above reasons 1 and 2, be wrong. They are NOT, usually, scientists or researchers (although some, on the shrew side, most definitely ARE, but we don’t hear much from them because they are typically silenced).

4. Institutions such as hospitals and universities depend so much on funding from the corrupt government and corrupt pharmaceutical companies that they are completely unreliable, if not criminal.

5. The mainstream media is also for the most part ‘fake.’ The media is mostly owned and otherwise funded by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies, the corrupt government, and whoever else is supporting the power and money agenda.”

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