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Climate-Smart Ag

What’s the best way to “encourage voluntary adoption of agricultural practices that sequester carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure resiliency to climate change”?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture wants to know. They’re accepting public comments through April 29, 2021 on climate-smart agriculture policy.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack wants to create a Carbon Bank where fossil fuel polluters could pay farmers for carbon credits.
Farmers should be paid, but not to give fossil fuel companies an excuse to pollute!
The best way to support farmers is through Natural Resources Conservation Service programs that can rapidly scale up the organic agriculture and regenerative grazing practices that have the potential to get agriculture to a place where it has eliminated its own carbon footprint and is actually drawing excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Right now, because of synthetic fertilizer use and factory farms, agriculture is emitting 10 percent of U.S. greenhouse gases—and that's only what happens on the farm, not in the larger food system.

We can't let Vilsack continue to support false solutions like ethanol and biogas that have only increased this pollution.

Tell USDA: Conservation, Not Carbon Offsets! Support Regenerative Organic Agriculture!