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Vaccine Passports and Biofascism

Psychologist Diane Perlman writes: “The latest in COVID’s 14-month ‘shock and awe’ mission creep campaign is the Vaccine Passport (VPP). Many are persuaded by Bill Gates’s self-serving proclamation that civilization will never emerge from this terrifying pandemic – despite all of human history – until 7.5 billion humans, and some animals, receive a series of shots – including endless boosters for mutations that policies are causing.

“These lucrative, patented, experimental synthetic gene injectables are not technically vaccines. I call them VINOs – “Vaccines in Name Only.” Those who opt out of this unapproved experiment are demonized and pathologized as threats to humanity…

“SARS Cov2 is a simple, easily treatable virus. We can reduce fear with education. As facts and lawsuits challenge the dominant narrative, let’s promote a compelling narrative grounded in interdisciplinary sciences leading to a viable endgame. Every respiratory virus has ended with natural herd immunity.

“We must identify, protect and treat the vulnerable, encourage immune enhancing lifestyles, supply immune boosting supplements, and provide effective treatments early, open schools and society. Provide educational remediation and support to recover lost businesses. Address all causes of increased mortality among minorities and the poor, including nutrition, environment and healthcare.

“Let the VPP provoke its own demise by revealing its true sinister intentions. Let us promote wisdom, truth and justice to heal from our trauma and rebuild society based on health, nature, community and love.” 

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