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Breaking Point

“The longer and harder the status quo is maintained, the greater the system contorts. Eventually, it breaks and reforms. The question is how.” — Chris Oestereich, author of “Pandemic Capitalism”

If you’ve been following our work around ending factory farming and transitioning to an organic regenerative food and farming system, you know we’ve been calling for “radical systems change.”

We just don’t think making small “improvements” to a fundamentally corrupt and broken system, a system built on the exploitation of humans, animals and nature, is a solution.

In his book, “Pandemic Capitalism,” Chris Oestereich makes the case that our “current flavor of ‘no holds barred’ capitalism,” designed to exploit the many for the benefit of the few, is at the breaking point. 

Writing about his book, Oestereich points to the recent failures of the industrial food system as a perfect example of how our “brittle” economic system is collapsing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic:

“By late April 2020, 5,000 workers had tested positive and dozens of plants had closed. Millions of animals were led to slaughter with no intent of feeding people. Instead, they were killed in service of mitigating financial losses. At a time when hunger was rife, we learned that a system built for efficiency was indifferent to challenges beyond its balance sheets.”

Oestereich says the current system is dying, but says it won’t go quietly:

"We can allow it to continue thrashing about and possibly give rise to something even darker, or we can fight to build something better.”

We’re fighting for something better. 

Please join us, either by engaging with us on social media, by signing petitions and contacting lawmakers, sharing our work widely with family and friends . . . or if you are able, please make a financial contribution. Thank you.

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