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Food First

In April, when we were still grappling with the mere idea of a pandemic, published an article on how best to defeat the coronavirus: Fix your health, by fixing your diet.

Last week the Federal Nutrition Research Advisory Group published a white paper echoing that advice, and going so far as to conclude that Americans’ diets are so poor, they threaten U.S. security:

“Stark national nutrition challenges were identified. More Americans are sick than are healthy, largely from rising diet-related illnesses. These conditions create tremendous strains on productivity, health care costs, health disparities, government budgets, US economic competitiveness, and military readiness. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has further laid bare these strains, including food insecurity, major diet-related comorbidities for poor outcomes from COVID-19 such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, and insufficient surveillance on and coordination of our food system and national security.”

The Mercola article cited early studies of COVID-19 patients revealing that underlying health conditions like heart disease and diabetes are linked to “poorer clinical outcomes,” such as admission to an intensive care unit (ICU), a need for invasive ventilation or death.

As the pandemic rolls on, and new studies emerge, some early observations remain just as relevant four months later: Diabetes in particular puts patients at high risk for infection and poor outcomes.

If ever there were a time to take control of your health, to address your diabetes or other diet-related health problems, now would be that time. This article goes in-depth into the why—and more importantly, the how. Starting with food.

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