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Bill Gates Wants to Control Food and Farming

Mega-billionaire Bill Gates is arguably the most powerful person on the planet. Through his investments, control over patents, and so-called philanthropy, Gates has essentially become the world’s Health Czar, dictating public health policies and practices, including those surrounding COVID-19, on behalf of Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, the world economic elite, the GMO industry, and, although lesser-known, the military-industrial complex and the CIA.  

Now Gates has apparently set his sights on becoming global Food Czar as well, attacking organic farming as wasteful and impractical, and pushing genetic engineering, lab food, and Big Data as the solution to the world food crisis.

As Stacy Malkan writes: “If Bill Gates has his way, the food in our future will little resemble what’s on our plates today. Gates and his agribusiness industry partners are proposing to transform our food and how it is produced. 

“To the techno-food industrialists, hunger and climate change are problems to be solved with data and engineering. The core ingredients of their revolutionary plan: genetic engineering — and patenting — of everything from seeds and food animals, to microbes in the soil, to the processes we use to make food. Local food cultures and traditional diets could fade away as food production moves indoors to labs that cultivate fake meat and ultra-processed foods. 

“Gates says rich countries should shift entirely to synthetic beef. And he has the intellectual property rights to sell them. As a food that can help fix the climate, Gates touts the Impossible Burger, a plant-based patty made from genetically engineered soy and textured with engineered yeast. Its manufacturer, the Gates-funded Impossible Foods, has two dozen patents and more than 100 patents pending to artificially replicate cheese, beef and chicken and permeate these products with manufactured flavors, scents and textures.” 

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