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Biodiversity Risk

A new interim assessment by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that the hormone-disrupting pesticide atrazine is likely to harm more than 50% of threatened and endangered species and 40% of habitats critical for those species.

By some estimates more than 1,000 plant and animal species could be at risk. 

The great irony is that this assessment comes only a couple of months after the EPA controversially gave atrazine a regulatory pass for another 15 years. That review process did result in some restrictions on how much atrazine can be used in residential settings and in water and on safety precautions. But, really, there is no safe level for hormone-disrupting chemicals.

EPA will continue its review of atrazine’s effects on wildlife until January 5. But the harm that atrazine causes wildlife cannot be separated from the harm it causes people. If we can’t trust the EPA to understand this we really are in trouble.

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