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Gut Punch

Glyphosate is the most commonly used broad-spectrum herbicide in the world. Increasingly, campaigners and scientists are coming together in calls to limit its use—or ban it altogether—because of its damaging effects on the environment and on people.

In particular, glyphosate is thought to be harmful to the rich and diverse microbial communities living in soil, on plant surfaces, and in animal guts. 

New evidence adds weight to growing claims that glyphosate residues in food may damage the human microbiome—the community of good bacteria in the gut responsible for mediating, among other things, our immune system.

Is it possible that our cumulative exposure to glyphosate through everyday foods and residential and civic uses, is making us more vulnerable to disease—including COVID-19?

The researchers don’t speculate that far but their study does show that 54% of the core bacterial species in the human gut species are potentially sensitive to glyphosate.

We need to get this toxic herbicide out of our fields and out of our food.

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