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What is Biofascism?

For years, OCA and our sister organization, Regeneration International, have used the term “Biodemocracy” to describe our goal of having consumers, farmers, and grassroots alliances—rather than corporations and special interests—democratically control the institutions and policies that impact our food, farming, environment, climate, and health. Before we changed the name of this newsletter to Organic Bytes in 1998, we called it “Biodemocracy News.” 

Over the years we have identified Monsanto, Bill Gates, corporate agribusiness, Big Food, Big Technology, Big Pharma and others as the “Biotechnocrats” that stand in our way and threaten the health and welfare of our planet. 

For decades these Biotechnocrats, both Democrats and Republicans, have sought to dominate and control our public policies, food choices, and foreign policy. They rely upon indentured scientists and media to support their public image as they play God and biological Russian Roulette by genetically engineering food, crops, viruses, bacteria, and vaccines; and by building bioweapons—essentially GMO, nano-sized, synbio weapons of mass destruction. 

We never used the word “Biofascism” to describe our political system up until now, feeling this would have been hyperbolic, since the word fascism traditionally has meant, as defined by Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and others, total control and domination by Big Government and Big Business, institutionalized suppression of dissent and civil liberties, media censorship, constant government and media panic-mongering, and 24/7 surveillance. 

Starting today, however, we feel that it’s appropriate to begin to use the term “Biofascism,” popularized recently by noted political scientist and author Naomi Wolf. 

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