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After COVID: Dealing with Tyranny

Tessa Lena, aka “Tessa Fights Robots” writes:

“I believe that the absurd, authoritarian condition that we are facing is a way of dealing with unresolved spiritual issues that our species has accumulated. It’s an opportunity to expel our ghosts, heal our wounds, and go back to our roots.

Since we cannot just close our eyes and pretend that the attempt at the abusive Great Reset isn’t here full force, we might as well turn this situation of abuse into a way of remembering our strength, love, and clarity — and tap into them all the way. And then work at it until we win!

I believe that the key ingredients of eventually succeeding in the battle against transhumanism are doing everything from love in our own lives, being our absolute best, and leaving the rest to the universe. The neurotic principle that the technocrats are driven by is like a contagious ghost, it can jump person to person — so not allowing it in our own lives is extremely powerful against technocracy.”

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