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Toxic Legacy

Toxic Legacy, a new book by Stephanie Seneff explains how Monsanto/Bayer’s herbicide Roundup (active ingredient glyphosate) is poisoning our health and our environment, aided and abetted by indentured scientists, regulatory officials, politicians, and the mass media. 

As Senneff writes: 

Something terrible seems to be affecting every living thing on the planet...While we can’t reduce all environmental and health problems to one insidious thing, I believe there is a common denominator. That common denominator is glyphosate.”

“In my book Toxic Legacy, my argument is based on connecting the dots in the peer-reviewed science. Some of the scientific arguments that I present are controversial, and some conventional scientific researchers won’t accept them. But my book brings together over 10 years of research that clearly shows how glyphosate is eroding both human and planetary health, resulting in a toxic legacy we are leaving future generations to contend with...It is time to shine light onto the shadows—to convince the world about glyphosate’s diabolical mechanism of toxicity and give ourselves the tools we need to understand how glyphosate harms us and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.” 

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