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Bill Gates as Global Food Czar?

Now that Bill Gates has become the most powerful billionaire on Earth, dictating global public health, pandemic policies, and Big Pharma practices, he wants to control what the world eats and farms as well, with a heavy emphasis on genetic engineering, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, patented seeds, and lab-created meat and animal products. Although Gates is now one of the US’s largest farmland owners, he’s putting most of his emphasis for the moment on Africa, the last agricultural frontier and colony—with disastrous results. As OCA’s ally, US Right to Know, points out:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent nearly $6 billion on agricultural development, with a key focus on transforming African agriculture by transitioning farmers to patented seeds and fossil-fuel based fertilizers to grow staple crops for the global market. Leading experts in food security and hundreds of groups in Africa and around the world say the foundation’s market-based agricultural development strategies are aiding multinational corporations more than small farmers and communities in Africa, even as hunger and inequality worsen.

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